Model Railroading

Welcome to the N Scale Division

The N Scale crew is building a large N scale layout that represents a trip from the mid-west United States to the western shore. A 75 section along the wall section begins in a traditional picturesque mid-west town and an industrial area. This continues through Midwest rolling farmland before climbing into the high desert. A right angle turn leads to another 30 section where trains negotiate tunnels, cuts and grades through rugged mountains and forest. A 30 peninsula section features a busy yard, towns and industries as well as a seaport terminus. The main line is 330' long which translates to 10 scale miles of track.

Our members have all range of skills which offers a lot of opportunity to both teach and learn new modeling techniques. We welcome those who wish to visit or help with the construction. For maximum operating realism the layout is controlled by a Digitrax DCC system with both Digtrax throttles and Wi-Fi phones/tablets/IPods using native JMRI-aware throttle applications. Trackwork is Peco code 80 with very generous large radius curves. Grades are limited to a maximum 2.5%. Watching a multi-unit lash-up of diesels straining to pulling an 80 car train up hill is quite the sight.